Tibetan Plateau is the only direct supplier from the farm to all those who love cooking with saffron.  This enables us to provide the best saffron quality because we maintain custody and control of the product - no middlemen can mix inferior or fake threads.  Saffron is in the top five most commonly adulterated food products in the world- (science Daily). To answer the question “Where to find saffron?” Tibetan Plateau is the best place in the world to buy online.

Having no middlemen also allows Tibetan Plateau to keep the cost of saffron lower.  Under the category of expensive spices, saffron prices are number 1.  Prices vary but the supermarket price is approximately 15.00 to 20.00 dollars per gram.  Tibetan Plateau has the highest quality and the lowest prices.   

Now you know where to purchase saffron for all your favorite recipes- French bouillabaisse, paella recipes, risotto, basmati rice, chicken paella, arancini, and Indian desserts.  Please browse through our website to answer questions about: how we grow and gather the crocus sativus flowers, what is saffron, and even different names such as safron, saffrons, safran, zafran, zaffron, azafran, kunkuma, kumkuma, kesar and more.

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